I was privileged to participate at the apologetics conference which took place on October 1, 2016 at The Salvation Army corps, Des Plaines, Illinois. The objectives of the conference included the review of the fundamental principles of biblical teaching as well as of some major counterfeit Christian and Jewish doctrines which have been emerging throughout the centuries. The conference focused on strengthening one’s biblical faith and equipping believers with apologetic tools to contend for the faith of the Gospel.

The speakers included myself, Mr. David Barker – BA student of Jewish Studies at the Moody Bible Institute, Glen Tagansky – Pastor of the Russian-speaking assembly at The Salvation Army, and Dr. Michael Brown – Old Testament Scholar, Apologist, prolific author, and the President of FIRE School of Ministry Concord, NC.

I was very excited and blessed to see the hunger in the eyes of people during the Conference for digging deeper into the foundations of the Bible and learning how to discern truth from falsehood. It was so encouraging to speak to individuals of different ethnic backgrounds eager to learn the keys for effective apologetics and evangelism. First and foremost, I thank the God of Israel who made the Conference possible. Also, big thank you to The Salvation Army corps which hosted the Conference, as well as to all of you who supported us with your prayers and helped organize this event.